You May Be Owed An ACC Refund!

About 300,000 business customers were charged incorrect ACC levies since 2002.

If you were in your first year of self-employment between 2002 and 2017, or paid provisional ACC levies after ceasing trading, ACC may owe you a refund.

ACC expects to refund around $100 million to approximately 300,000 business customers who were incorrectly charged levies during that time.

ACC will refund:

  • all first-year levies collected between 2002-2017 from self-employed customers who worked fulltime (averaged over 30 hours per week over the financial year.) This affects around 106,000 customers and equates to approximately $36 million in levies
  • businesses who paid provisional invoices and weren’t required to do so because they’d subsequently ceased trading or had changed their business structure. This amounts to around $64 million.

The average refund works out at about $340 (excluding GST) for first-year self-employed, and around $415 (excluding GST) for provisional payments.

Customers will also receive an interest payment.

ACC expects the refund process to be completed by 31 March 2019.