What Is Float Therapy?

Floating effortlessly in a Pod filled with Epsoms salts, blocking out all external distractions, creating an environment to help your aches and pains fade, stress melt away and leave you feeling recharged and renewed.

Float therapy involves floating in 30cm of body temperature water in an enclosed float pod. When you lay in a float pod, your body will float effortlessly on the surface because of the 500kg of Epsom salts that have been dissolved in the water.

The float pod is light proof and sound proof, and the high density salt solution makes you totally weightless, allowing you to enjoy sensory deprivation in the float pod – this is what makes float therapy special.

The salt solution in the float pod is 35.5°C and incredibly soft and silky. While floating your body can achieve a state of deep relaxation that is more beneficial than sleep.

After your float therapy session you should expect to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your thoughts should be more calm and you should feel more centred. Float therapy is a great time for meditation.

The benefits of floating will last for several days past your float therapy session. The more often you float, the more benefits you will enjoy.

Significantly reducing the external stimuli like gravity, light, sound, temperature, reduces the response function of the brain, allowing the perfect environment for mindfulness, meditation and the ultimate rest.