Turn your content into an engaging presentation or workshop and wow your staff, colleagues and clients

Rosemary (Rosie) Killip, www.rosemarykillip.com

Business Owners and Managers need to train staff but not everyone is a teacher. You also attend conferences or events where your peers and customers hang out – and you may get asked to speak. But not everybody likes speaking in front of groups, even if they are your own team. For some people it is worse than swimming with sharks. Most people haven’t been taught how to teach and yet they are let loose on a group for a whole day. So, imagine the horror of having to lead a full day workshop on your topic with your staff or speak in front of your peers or clients at a conference. People resort to death by PowerPoint and bore the audience and worse don’t get the results they are after.

But this can change.

Delivering workshops comes naturally to me, and as it turns out I have spent 28 years of my working life doing just that. I also help others to get past their fears and plan and deliver their own engaging workshops with their content. This ranges from people talking about their product or service through to people doing skills training with staff.

Here are 3 easy steps to start you off:

  1. First step planning – give yourself time to plan a workshop not death by PowerPoint. U`se my free planning tool https://rosemarykillip.com/product/ presentation-planning-tool/
  2. Next step knows your audience – find out who they are and what they know already (see the planning tool)
  3. Third step download my FREE E-Book Switch Them On and learn how to plan and deliver an engaging presentation, pitch or workshop?

Grab your copy of my FREE ebook here https://mailchi.mp/rosemarykillip/switch

And if you are busting for more immediate help zip me an email and we will have a chat about how I can help – rosemary@rosemarykillip.com