Te Hūmeka

By Kim Hill

Te Hu¯meka is a Ma¯ori business ecosystem in the Waikato offering regular kanohi te kanohi hui to promote economic prosperity through ¯awhi, kotahitanga, man¯akitanga, kaitiakitanga and aroha.

As well as powering up and advocating for Ma¯ ori business success in the Waikato, Te Hu¯meka also networks nationally and internationally.

We welcome everyone with an interest in business from students to startup entrepreneurs to CEOs.

M¯aori and non-M¯aori committed to M¯aori success are welcome.

Our hui offer phenomenal guest speakers and lots of laughter.

There is a real buzz and a sense of whakawhanaungatanga as information, ideas and experiences are shared.

We guarantee you will leave with at least one new business connection, empowered, encouraged and upskilled.

We are proud to have been gifted the name “Te Hu¯meka” by Maharaia Paki (Ng¯ati Mahuta, Ng¯ati Whawhakia), drawn from a whakatauki by King Tawhaio:

T¯er¯a ano ¯oku nei hoa kei ng¯a t¯opito e wha o te ao, Ko ng¯a h¯umeka, ko ng¯a parakimete me ng¯a k¯amura.

“My friends will come from all parts of the world, from the working classes of the shoemakers, blacksmiths and carpenters.”

Tawhaio’s k ¯orero reflects inclusivity, community and respect, highlighting interconnectedness and rootedness.

Shoes protect us, connect us with the earth and move us forward to our goals.

By nature, Ma¯ ori entrepreneurs are enjoying a period of monumental economic growth benefitting wh¯anau, iwi and our whole nation of Aotearoa.

There’s never been a better time to be Ma¯ ori in business. Te Hu¯meka is proud to be part of Ma¯ ori economic empowerment and support. Join us.

CONTACT: Kim Hill, Stratigi, 021 243 8546, kim@stratigi.com, www.tehumeka.co.nz (ww.stratigi.com).