Shelly Davies New Book

By Mandy Smiler,

SHELLY DAVIES is well known, New Zealand wide for her passion for plain language, her rockstar writing trainings, her cultural advice and her passionate support for women in business and in life.

With a rockin brand, weird photos, and 2 generations of offspring, has been teaching business people how to be more concise, more effective, and more efficient in their communications for 7 years, and winning awards along the way!

She’s presented at plain language conferences around the world, did a talk at TEDx Tauranga last year, and hosts the Waikato Chamber of Commerce’s regular League of Extraordinary Women events.

After releasing her first book, Engaging with Ma¯ ori for Success in Business, earlier this year, Shelly has launched her second book.

And because she’s super-cool there are two versions: The censored version – Good Stuff I’ve Learned, and the sweary version – Good S**t I’ve Learned.

According to Shelly, you will LOL, cry, and cheer as you read some: “cool s**t that an everyday chick has learned that’s helped bring her happiness, joy, and success….I’m nothing special. No more special than you or anyone else on the planet….I’m just like you! Or just not like you, to be exact, because there is no normal. There is no right way to be or not be. We’re all equally amazing in our uniqueness. We’re all certain amounts of messy and screwed up, and that’s all okay too.”

So what’s in it for you?

• Joy (laughs, swearing, loving life)
• Some great advice
• Acknowledgement of Hamilton locals who’ve inspired Shelly
• Parenting advice
• Empowering women advice
• More than a little bit of psychology
• You could call it self-help (uggh) or inspirational (semi-uggh) but we’d call it FUN
• Your mum, wife, sister, daughter will love this – but that doesn’t mean it’s not for the boys!

You can grab a copy here: Ph 021 274 3554,,