Prime Tauranga

PRIME TAURANGA- The Magazine For 50+ /Retiree Age Tauranga Residents!

The 50 + age demographic have the most net wealth and are the largest spenders on average. But how to reach this significant market in terms of marketing?

The 50 + age demographic absolutely enjoy print media. They read! It’s what they look forward to and enjoy on a regular basis.

Created by team behind Prime Hamilton and Biz Hamilton magazines, PRIME tauranga is the extremely popular publication aimed specifically at the 50 + and Retiree age throughout Tauranga.

PRIME TAURANGA has a very targeted distribution to reach and be read by tens of thousands from the 50 + age/senior demographic.

Target Readership: 40,000!

Distribution is via direct delivery to thousands of homes in areas/suburbs of Tauranga the most heavily populated by the 50 + and Retiree age! All retirement village mail boxes are included.

And via over 200 pick-up points around Tauranga: Medical Centres/Facilities, Libraries, Hospitals, Public/Government Offices, Selected Cafes/Vet Clinics/Lawyers/Hairdressers/Garden Centres, All Rest Homes, All Retirement Villages, RSA, Age Concern, Workingman’s Club, Golf Clubs, Bowling Clubs, Tennis Club, Airport, Relevant Interest Clubs/Organisations, Aged Care Wing At The Hospital, Swimming Pools, And More- Wherever To 50 + /Senior Age Frequent.

Beautifully presented, visually attractive, and graphically designed in a colourful way to engage the Readers, Prime Tauranga features extra benefits such as larger font size for the older Readers and easy to hold & view A3 size (390mm high x 280mm wide).

The editorial is superb! and carries an array of relevant articles, columns, advice, activities, events, entertainment, special guest-writers, and more, to really engage our Readers long-term. We invite you to benefit from Prime Tauranga. Click on the cover image to see the latest edition. Contact us now, phone: (07) 839 1101, 027 552 5345.

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What our Prime Hamilton advertisers and Readers say…

“Great results, I sold 6 tours from the advert this edition so will continue advertising in Prime Hamilton long-term!”

– Reid Tours

“Perfect, Thank you”

– Etruscan Pleasures (Italia) LTD, Travel Consultants Specialising In Europe

“Great job thank you!!”

– Quarter Acre Co

“Best magazine in New Zealand!”

– Debbie White (visitor from London)

“Hi, just reading Prime Hamilton for the first time. Picked up a copy from Victoria St A&E. Interesting read thanks! Could you please add my email address to be sent a copy each time!”

– Nigel Dawson-Dooley

“Very interesting magazine.”

– Russelle Knaap

“I enjoy reading it while waiting at the hospital for an appointment. So thank you for providing it.”

– Jess Were

“We got our copy of Prime Hamilton magazine in our letterbox on Saturday morning and have very much enjoyed reading it. Hope the delivery continues.”

– Jeanette & George Dyer

“Many thanks for emailing Issue 15 of the above publication. My partner and I were very impressed with format and content and request that you continue to email us with future issues.”

– Stuart Thomson and Janene Hunkin

“An excellent publication.”

– Jan Gerring

“Thank you for the awesome Huntly write up! That was awesome!!! Look forward to the next issue.”

– Amanda Griffiths, Smart Choice Real Estate

Hi Mark, As per our phone call just now, I am absolutely stoked with the ad we ran in your publication and as I have had calls from people saying they saw it. Many thanks on a great job!”

– Colleen Prestidge, Tour Manager, Unique Tours

“Good response in terms of the entire publication. Thanks heaps”

– Amanda Griffiths, Licensed Agent, Smart Choice Realty

“Hi Mark, On behalf of CF Waikato, I want to thank you for printing our letter in your magazine! We have already had a response from a lady who belongs to a small group who would like to help us fundraise, but as you will be aware, the educative side of getting information ‘out there’ as to how this condition affects people is also really important, so having the opportunity was awesome! I hope we are able to share interesting news-worthy stuff in the future, Kindest regards”

– Robyn McBride for CF Waikato

“Hi Mark, I have had two solid leads and one has converted so very happy. Potential 20k Sales”

– regards Craig Woolliams, Marigold Tours

“Hi Mark, Thank you again for publishing my editorial in your Prime Hamilton magazine. I actually read it while visiting Margaret Wilson (former MP and Speaker of the House). She really enjoyed the magazine as well. Kind regards”

– Jamie Strange, New Zealand Labour Party

“Hi Mark, That is fantastic; thank you. Some of our ladies at work love the Prime Hamilton magazine so they will be very excited to see it in there as well. Much appreciated”

– Regards Lindsay Clarke, Cancer Society

“Hi, I discovered the Prime Hamilton magazine at my doctor’s waiting room last week and I thought that it was an excellent read. Kind Regards”

– Sally Owen

“Hi Mark, We have had a great response from the article on our croquet club in the first issue of Prime. Several prospective members have turned up and there have been many positive comments.”

– Graeme, President HE Croquet Club

“Nice looking mag”

– Stephen Ward senior communications advisor (media), Waikato Regional Council

“I came across a Prime Hamilton Magazine for the first time today. What a great concept to have a magazine targeting a slightly older demographic.

– Raewyn Watkins, Hamilton Orchestral

“Nice looking mag”

– Stephen Ward senior communications advisor (media), Waikato Regional Council

“We have had a lot of good feedback from people coming into our community centre about Prime Hamilton.”

– Neil Tolan, The Western Community Centre

“I’ve just had a flick through the publication and I have to say I’m very impressed, it’s a lovely professional looking publication. I’m certainly going to keep it in mind for other clients going forward too, the 50+ market is now undeniably a very powerful one.”

– Darlene,  Little Red Marketing

“This is the best magazine I have ever read! Thank you for providing it every month, I read it from cover to cover, as does my sister Rosie at the Cascades Retirement Village. I get my copies from the Hospital rehab ward and really look forward to it. The articles are superb.”

– Cathy Hill

“Always a good read.”

– Dame Peggy Koopman-Boyden

“Thank you so much Mark. We really appreciate your incredible support of the Cancer Society and the work we do. Thanks again.”

Angela March, Cancer Society

“Absolutely wonderful magazine, we look forward to it every month! It brings us great joy and is filled with superb articles.”

– Leone and Noel Bennett, (rural Huntly)

“This is the best magazine in New Zealand.”

– Jan Maguiness, Tauranga

“Thank you so much for delivering my paper to my letter box,I love it Is a really good read. Thanking you and looking forward to your next issue.”

– Betty Jesney

“Your Prime Hamilton magazine looks really great.”

– Chris Quirke, Practice Manager, Lumino Medford House Dental

“Wow! Thank you so much that’s incredible.”

– Debbie Eaton, Tinkerbelle Brows

“Another fantastic magazine this month.”

– Maria Lowe

“Got lots of great feedback and contact from the editorial we did! Awesome, thank you. ”

– Colleen Grieve, Unique Holiday Tours

“I really have enjoyed reading the latest edition of Prime Hamilton, which is packed full of interesting and relevant information targeted at the expanding ‘silver’ market.”

– Derek Smail

“Thank you for prime. Brilliant as per usual. Most enjoyable reading.”

– Jan (reader)

“Hi Mark, The mustang looked great on the cover of Prime Hamilton and also the supporting article. I loved the History pics and also the article on Miranda bird watching. I intend to get over there sometime and take some shots of those artic wanderers. The article on hearing aids was good. A quiz is good to test the brain and i still have the magazine by my bedside for some nite time reading. Keep up the great work,i look forward to see further issues, i can read it on line and keep up to date on what’s happening in Hamilton.”

– Regards Warren Connett.

“I love reading your magazine.”

– Darryl Dryland.

“Just thought I would let you know that I have just read your magazine! It is diverse and so interesting! Good on you, it is so worth reading and makes one look forward to the next one!”

– Lou Cables, Lodge Realty.

“Thank you for the latest copy. Just had to tell you what a wonderful read, so easy to read, and lots of interesting information.

I get this on my email and have to thank you for making it so easy to read.”

Cheers Bev Greene.

“Your magazine looks fantastic. I really like the clear and easy way to read it.”

– Deborah Woodham, Forget-me-not Holidays.

“Such an amazing magazine, so informative.”

– Faye Stansfield, Pathways