OHS Consultants

OHS Consultants pride themselves with helping companies know the unknown by providing health and safety solutions to businesses. With a team of 13 consultants nationwide, that share experience and knowledge in mining, forestry, aviation, emergency response, medical, construction, civil engineering, geotechnics, food industry, engineering, railways and horticulture; there is a consultant that will fit your business needs and requirements. The team works together and shares experiences and solutions to ensure you are provided with the best health and safety solution possible.

There is no job too big or small for the OHS Consultants team. From helping 1 man-bands gain Government contracts, to shifting Mining Plants; OHS Consultants enjoy the companies and the opportunities that their clients bring.

Hamilton’s local consultant Heidi Worth has experience within health (Physiotherapy), food processing and engineering industries. Heidi is passionate about Occupational Safety and Health management and able to apply the principles to implement effective Quality and Environmental Management systems. Heidi holds a Grad Dip. in OSH, Human Resource Management, NEBOSH Cert, CQA and Cert. in Adult Teaching.

The OHS Consultants team is currently working on a new Health and Safety App to be launched under their Take 5 product line. The App will help companies streamline their health and safety process and make documents easier to complete and send to clients, contractors and sub-contractors. With options to have pre-filled templates uploaded, staff will spend a matter of minutes completing the necessary documents at the start of each job. Management and supervisors can quickly view and sign off the job through the system, meaning work can begin quickly.

With a staff and visitor sign in / out screen for each project, administration staff can view and download the register as a time-sheet reference, helping to reduce payroll and invoice approval time.

With all documents stored direct to a Cloud file, downloading, storing and emailing information through the computer administrative screen will be a breeze.

The Take 5 App will be released in January 2019, with options for early access, the Take 5 App is a must have for any business wanting to get ahead with managing their health and safety. With OHS Consultants support your business can be Health and Safety Proud.

To find out more about OHS Consultants visit www.ohsconsultants.nz or phone 0800 582 535.