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How to enjoy the holiday season (and do the best for digestion and weight management)

Now here is an oxymoron – the summer season is when we are trying to lose weight but at the same time we are at parties and places where we stuff ourselves with food and alcohol. Some people think that the “full and hurting” sensation is a rite of passage.

But what do these symptoms really tell us and what damage are they doing? Most importantly, can we minimise the damage and still having fun?

Lets consider what we do and then some of the ways we can minimise the impacts: Drinking:

• Alcohol gives you headaches and mind fog because you will be dehydrated and needing nourishment. As in nutritious food – not take away or refined foods.

• Flavoured drinks are packed with sugar that converts quickly to fat.

• Coffee and tea with milk and sugar is absorbed as food.


• Carbohydrates are sugar. The more refined the carbohydrate – the more sugar.

• Protein laced with sugar – think sweetened yoghurt and flavoured milk. Refined carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol are all very acidic. Over time these will affect the lining of the gut capacity. Eating late at night and then going straight to bed makes it very difficult for your digestive system to detox and cleanse overnight.

Additionally you should look at your daily intake of food and calculate how nutritious it really is. Then check your daily output. Many of us do not have enough nutrition in our daily intake to cover our work, mind and activity output.

If this sounds too hard, let’s make it easy.

• Drink a glass of water before every alcoholic beverage.

• When you are hungry – first drink a glass of water. Often your body craves hydration but the message sounds like hunger.

• Use a smaller plate for meals – place less on it. Chew slower.

• Use natural digestive enzymes for bloating, gas or acid.

• Stay hydrated to ease that afternoon mind fog. • Use natural electrolytes (with no sugar) when are dehydrated, active in summer heat, have diarrhoea, vomiting, fever or it is that time of the month.

And have FUN!

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