Louise Feathers Planning

Louise Feathers Planning is a niche planning company who specialize in successfully taking clients through the Resource Consent process.

Contacting Louise should be undertaken early-on in the process, where you will get honest, open and frank advice about the likelihood of gaining an approval for your project. This is imperative so your project can move from the conceptual stage to a physical, benefitgenerating reality.

Our team has extensive experience in Resource Consulting and have built strong relationships with the local and regional Councils. This means we are able to provide professional and accurate advice on the process, information requirements and risks involved in obtaining an approval.

Ultimately our goal is to get you through the process successfully and as quickly and cost effectively as possible. There are different types of resource consents and planning approvals and we can assist in all of these, from subdivision consents to consents required from Regional Councils and those that are required under National Standards. At any one time, we have a diverse portfolio of projects – residential, commercial, industrial, rural; and range from a garage in a front yard setback to master planning exercises in Structure Plan areas.

While we do work nationwide, the majority of our projects are located locally in Hamilton, Waipa and Waikato Districts where we have a good reputation at these local Councils. We have numerous projects region wide, extending from Queenstown to the Far North District.

We welcome calls from anyone needing planning assistance regardless of size, type or location of the project. The Mezzanine at Riverbank Lane, 286-293 Victoria St, Hamilton.

Phone 022 4444 082, email lou@louisefeathers.co.nz www.feathersplanning.co.nz