Latest Marketing Insights From The USA: PRINT MEDIA ADVERTISING TRIPLES AD CAMPAIGN EFFECTIVENESS – And, Digital Banner Ads Take A Last Breath

According to a study by Benchmarking for Newsworks, one that covered 500 econometric models, PRINT ADS SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF A MARKETING CAMPAIGN.

In fact, the study revealed that advertising with newspapers triples ad campaign effectiveness.

Here are some more powerful findings from the study:

• Newspapers double the effectiveness of TV ADS and quadruple the effectiveness of ONLINE DISPLAY

• Newspaper ads are 5.7 times more effective in the FINANCE SECTOR

• Newspaper ads are 3 times more effective in the TRAVEL SECTOR

• Newspaper ads are 2.8 times more effective in the RETAIL SECTOR

• Newspaper ads are 1.7 times more effective in the AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR


2019 will see even more ONLINE SURFERS USING AD BLOCKERS.

This will force advertisers to optimize their content marketing and influencer marketing strategies.

Digital banner ads will no longer cut it, brands will have to find creative ways to offer consumers real value.