Hillcrest Physiotherapy

At Hillcrest Physiotherapy we strive to provide a Top Service to our community. As well as providing excellent treatment for injuries; we also aim to provide a range of services to enhance wellbeing and performance. Helping our clients attain their goals.

Hillcrest Physiotherapy Clinic is situated at the Hillcrest Medical Centre, in a new, modern facility.

Our team of physiotherapists’ has many strengths, with interests ranging from sports physiotherapy, back injuries, upper and lower limb injuries, neurological conditions, acupuncture, exercise prescription, chronic pain and cancer rehabilitation, to name just a few. We pride ourselves on being able to treat the whole family, from children through to our older community members.

All our treatment rooms are private and we have an onsite gym in which we take a variety of classes. We run mat pilates classes, core circuit classes and a yoga therapy class. Our classes are small in size, with a maximum of 10 people and are all run by physiotherapists. We take the time to make sure you are doing the best exercise for you and will adjust the exercises to suit the person.

We also try and make our classes fun, because it is a wellknown fact that if people enjoy exercise they are more likely to continue with it (lycra and a six-pack are not necessary for our classes, just a willingness to give things a go).

At Hillcrest Physiotherapy we try and follow evidencebased practice as much as we can, our staff are continually upskilling to try and keep up with the latest research and techniques. We are passionate about getting people active and moving as we know this is the most effective way to manage many conditions. If we can get all our clients a little bit more active than when they first came in, as well as helping them with their injury or problem that brought them in we are happy.

So if want us to help you achieve your best, come and see us. You can ring on 07 856 4656 or book online, www.hillcrestphysio.co.nz