From The Editor

Welcome to your latest monthly edition of Biz Waikato-Wide.

As we wind up the 2018 year we wish you all well for the Christmas period and sincerely hope you have a great start to 2019 and that follows on long-term

Our next edition we celebrate three years of Biz and two years of our sister publication: Prime magazine

Our goal is to grow Biz considerably with news and wider editorial sections. More on that next edition.

Thank you to all that provide us regular feedback – it’s truly great to see we make a positive impact via our magazines to many.

For those new to Biz:

BIZ Waikato-Wide is the very popular monthly news and business magazine (digital and print) with a high-quality and targeted Readership reach to over 28,500 business Owners and Managers, Professionals (and additionally – staff read it as well), the whole of the Waikato, plus Thames, and some to Tauranga and Auckland.

In terms of a marketing medium, Biz Waikato-Wide is the very powerful way to reach our very high-quality and targeted demographic.

High quality niche Print media that has targeted readership is second to none in terms of the combined advantages:

  • Google SEO and digital cross-over
  • Impact
  • Longevity
  • Low cost
  • Professional portrayal of your business
  • Respect
  • Visual stimulation

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Nogaj – EDITOR