Events And Ambience On The Up

Hamilton Central Business Association (HCBA) general manager Vanessa Williams says the ambience and culture of the CBD is improving rapidly.

“A successful city centre relies on having a space that is fit for purpose and can accommodate what people want to use it for – whether that’s business, shopping or events.

“We’re working to continue the momentum of a revitalised CBD with more events and activities in central public spaces, which we’ve seen great success from already with markets, kids’ activities, musicians and large events such as the Sevens party in Garden Place.”

Williams says Hamilton can also look forward to a packed summer in the CBD with a series of planned events which will include outdoor movie nights. “Overall, our CBD continues to grow and evolve alongside the changing needs of its community and we’re well supported by a growing business district and commercial development, city investment, and community events.

“In two-to-three years’ time, we’ll be able to look back and appreciate the journey we’re on now.”