Edvance has been changing lives of our NZ workforce for the past 12 years, by providing customised, practical and relevant learning opportunities. In most cases, the programmes have been delivered at no cost to the company except time and benefits have been numerous.

If your business is experiencing challenges due to miscommunication, inaccurate reporting, rework and more, perhaps it is time to talk to Edvance and see how we can improve your business.

Edvance receives funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), through the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) Funding pool, as a part of the nationwide initiative to improve the literacy and numeracy skills in New Zealand.

The company uses this funding to support the delivery of customised learning programmes to clients, across multiple, culturally diverse employer sites nationwide.

Learners are offered a vast range of skills delivered in small groups, using each organisation’s own documents, policies and procedures, as a resource to engage new learning for the staff. Based on the individual needs as well as wider company goals, the learning takes place in the workplace and uses real-life situations and examples to enhance the benefits and ensure that strategies are not only retained, but also implemented.

The learning has a significant impact both in and out of the workplace – people tend to develop ownership of their own learning and feel empowered to find ways to continue learning.

Participants can move through a learning pathway that meets the client company needs and employees’ individual needs. Consequently, companies and organisations are choosing to fund ongoing workplace literacy, business communication and leadership programmes with Edvance.

Some of the topics we are able to cover include:

  • Self-management skills (critical thinking, problem solving, time management)
  • Reading skills (reading to understand, interpreting written information, finding information in documents)
  • Leadership skills (leading effective teams, giving feedback on performance, giving clear instructions, checking for understanding)
  • Health & Safety (understanding of company policies, roles and responsibilities, H&S representatives) • Digital literacy
  • Support for staff with English as a second language. The programmes are delivered at no cost to the company if learners are eligible for funding.

Funded hours are available nationwide for programmes starting in 2018 and 2019.

To find out more and utilise this opportunity to upskill your teams, contact Ana Craig on 021 516 098 or e-mail ana@edvance.co.nz