Donate Your Old Computer Equipment

By Fraser High School

Fraser High School is on the look-out for computer equipment no longer needed by businesses.

We have a group of students who in their spare time (even after school!) prepare and repair computers which we then donate to local community groups and local schools.

We are finding that in this digital age schools don’t have the funding to buy all the technology they need and are greatly appreciative of anything we can supply them.

Lately we have been working with a local business and their “Computers for Waikato Primary Schools” initiative and they have donated well over 300 computers and laptops to Waikato Schools.

My students are running low on computers, laptops, ipads etc to work on and we are always looking for more as the demand increases.

We will take most computers even ones in need of repair, we have a recycling company we use if there is anything beyond repair, so nothing does to the tip. Unfortunately, we can’ take printers or copiers.

We have signed agreements in place with a few local companies to securely delete their data off the machines before we donate them, this is the first step we do when turning the computers on.

The students are getting valuable hands on work, fault finding, repairing etc and are finding it rewarding taking the computers to local groups and seeing them going to good use.

If you have anything to dispose of please get in touch with me and I’ll arrange for it to be collected.

CONTACT: Mike Keightley, Network Administrator, Fraser High School.
Phone 07 8479044 ext 642, or 021 0582304, email