Did You Know That

From the 4th April 2016 to the 1st June 2018 the government organisation WorksafeNZ have enacted;

• 312 prosecutions
• 10623 enforcements.
• Carried out over 7000 assessments on businesses

That’s just over 2 years…

In December 2017, NBR reported “Health and Safety Fines Average $155,000”.

In August 2018 the High Court released its decision on appeals from three district court prosecutions. “It is likely that fines starting from $500k to $600k will be common in the future”.

(Stumpmaster Ltd v WorkSafe New Zealand; The Tasman Tanning Company Ltd v WorkSafe New Zealand; Niagara Sawmilling Company Ltd v WorkSafe New Zealand [2018] NZHC 2020.)

The new Act is about process, particularly around risk assessment, training, supervision and ongoing review. Evidence is required to show that workers are engaged throughout the process.

Worksafe NZ have made it clear – if a business has policies without a process, those policies will be used as evidence against the business in a prosecution.

“I’ve been in business since I left the police in 1999, and I know and understand the feeling of being overwhelmed…… and that’s why I’ve made the complex…. SIMPLE” Brent Rice Director.

• Legislative compliance is taken care of
• Use our processes and leverage your productivity
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• For smart and responsible businesses.