Construction Starts On New Rototuna Sports Park

Construction of a new Rototuna sports park and associated roading works has commenced.

The $5.8M contract is part of Hamilton City Council’s commitment to improving Hamilton’s liveability through new community infrastructure and green spaces.

The park, on the corner of Bourn Brook Ave and Kimbrae Dr in Rototuna, has concept plans for five sports pitches, available for a range of codes in 2020.

The adjacent roading will be constructed in conjunction with the park and will provide a low speed – predominantly pedestrian – link between the Rototuna Town Centre and the Rototuna Junior and Senior High Schools.

STAGE 1 of the Rototuna sports park project has already been completed, with around $1M invested in site investigations and design as well as enabling works involving bulk earthworks and construction of storm water and potable water infrastructure.

STAGE 2 involves turning the site into a functional sports park with opportunities for active and informal recreation. In the coming year works will develop sports fields and hard and soft landscaping to enable use of the park, alongside design of the toilets, changing rooms and park maintenance facility as part of the third stage of the project.

Hamilton’s continued strong growth has created increased demand for sports fields and community facilities.

Research in 2013 identified a need for more winter sport capacity by 2021, and earlier this year the Council allocated funding in the 2018-2028 10-Year Plan for the development of the new connecting road and sports park development, which will provide more fields not only for the Rototuna community but also the wider network across the city.