CBD Safety Concerns

Hamilton Central Business Association (HCBA) general manager Vanessa Williams says HCBA’s annual central city safety survey indicates positive findings.

“The perception of safety during the day continues to get better, but are seeing the early morning hours still require attention.

“In the coming months these issues will be addressed through a variety of measures, including council’s plan to include under-veranda lighting in the central city which will have a positive impact on making people feel safer.”

She says while homelessness and begging continue to be identified as issues by CBD businesses, significant work is being done in that area in partnership with council and The People’s Project.

“We’re working together to educate businesses and the public about how to address begging, including through the ‘Your Help May Harm’ initiative which encourages people not to give money to people who beg and to call City Safe, who will send a trained staff member to respond and connect them to services that provide long-term, sustainable support.”