5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

By Aaron Enright

If you don’t know your website’s bounce rate, you should – as it is a key indicator of how well your website is working.

If you use Google Analytics you’ll find this information in your dashboard or monthly reports.

WHAT IS BOUNCE RATE? Quite simply it is a measure of how many visitors land on a webpage and then exit, without going elsewhere on your site.

If your website depends on users viewing more than one page (such as them moving onto product pages or your checkout process) then a high bounce rate is bad.

Various factors can contribute to a high bounce rate including:

  • poor content
  • a website that loads slowly
  • use of misleading tags for the purpose of attracting an audience
  • poor optimisation efforts
  • intrusive advertising.

So, what’s a normal bounce rate and when does it get to be too high?

Studies have found the average bounce rate for websites is 49%. A bounce rate of 25 to 30% is optimal but very difficult to achieve.

Websites that have a bounce rate exceeding 70% are usually struggling with a serious problem. You can get data about your website bounce rate from your Google Analytics profile.

Based on the information found there, it’s possible to come up with an array of solutions for the problem.

  1. WORK ON A QUALITY VISITOR EXPERIENCE Even if your website features high quality content, it will still maintain a high bounce rate if it provides a poor user experience.
  2. OPTIMISE FOR THE RIGHT VISITORS A high website bounce rate could be the result of a single landing page that’s attempting to appeal to a diverse audience.
  3. IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT Website content is the most important asset you have when it comes to establishing a solid audience and keeping these people engaged.
  4. WORK ON IMPROVING THE WEBSITE’S SPEED A slow loading time has already been identified as one of the factors that can have a serious negative impact on the website bounce rate. If your page takes a lot of time to load properly, chances are that people will move on to another source of information. This trend has become even more prominent with the rise of mobile technology.
  5. USE A CTA TO LOWER YOUR WEBSITE BOUNCE RATE One final simple thing you can do to enhance the website bounce rate is providing better calls to action on your pages. Call to action improvements can focus both on the design and the phrasing. Be concise, be visible and tell people exactly what you want from them.

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