3 Reasons Why Good Copy Is Important For All Businesses

By Aaron Enright, Hypercube

It doesn’t matter if you have a photography website, construction company or food business – effective copy is needed by all kinds of businesses in order to sell.

While content helps your business establish trust and authority in your industry, good copy is what motivates, encourages, and convinces your audience to engage with your business. Good copy is what will set your website apart from your competitors.

It’s what will help your company stand out to get into the hearts and minds of customers.

Why is Good Website Copy Important?

A lot of people think ‘content’ and ‘copy’ are the same – but they’re actually different.

Copy is a term that refers to many kinds of marketing texts or text that persuade people to act a certain way – usually to buy a product or subscribe to a service.

While content is used broadly as a term to define all kinds of text that provides information to build an audience.

Copy can be any promotional content like website copy, text on flyers, billboards, advertisements, taglines, product descriptions, etc.

Copy is what helps you direct your customer towards a certain action.

What Makes Good Copy?

• Clear and candid writing that speaks to the typical audience of the product or service being promoted.

• Mentions the problems and needs of the audience to form connection.

• Establishes the company as an ideal solution to those problems.

• Ends with a significant call to action.

Why good copy is crucial to the success of your website:

1. Your website’s copy will shape the future of your website

• Your readers will visit your website with all sorts of intentions.

• When they like what they see, they will proceed to read your copy.

• And if your copy is able to give the quality and value they’re looking, they will stay and probably visit again.

• Visits lead to traffic, and the more traffic the more opportunities for customers and sales.

2. Bad copy will hurt your website more than you think

• Your website copy plays a huge role in your overall brand image.

• That’s why it’s very important to find the right copywriter who can capture the right tone and language to use in your copy.

• Furthermore, you can instantly recognise bad copy when you see it.

• These are the types of copy that confuse readers.

• This is copy that doesn’t say clearly what it is your website is selling or how it can benefit your customers.

• It’s simply there to fill your website’s white space.

• On the other hand, high-quality copy is beautiful, compelling and straightforward.

3. Good design is important but useless without good copy

• A well-designed website is a must have.

• However, well-designed doesn’t always mean highquality or high-converting.

• You can have the best web design in the world, but if the copy is bad, it won’t help your business grow.

• You need excellent & effective copy to truly win customers.

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